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Learn how to find books in Minerva, MaineCat, WorldCat, CREDO and how to find eBooks


If you are unable to find an item in Minerva or MaineCat you can search WorldCat. WorldCat connects you to books, videos, DVDs, magazine articles and other items in libraries worldwide. Talk to your librarian about ordering this title for you.

  • Note: Non-Minerva/MaineCat requested items and articles could take up to two weeks to be filled. Please keep this in mind, so that you can plan ahead.
  • Notification: You will be notified by e-mail or mail when a book or audio-visual loan arrives. Loans can be picked up at the Circulation Desk in the Library and checked out with your CMCC ID. Loans must be returned to the Circulation desk or renewed by the due date. Your item will be returned to the lending institution seven days from the day it was received if you do not pick it up.
  • Renewals: You may request a renewal for items received from non-MaineCat institutions. Such requests should be made a few days before the due date in person at the Circulation desk, by phone, or by e-mail. Once you have contacted us about a renewal, you may keep the book until you receive a message from us approving or denying the renewal. If approved, materials must be returned before the new due date provided. 

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