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Libraries as collections -- General

Redefining the Academic Library -- Education Advisory Board a think tank that appears to provide research on Higher Education topics. Not affiliated with any Higher Education associations.

Center for College Affordability and Productivity, also a think tank, has published an article 25 Ways to Reduce the Cost of College # 18: Digitize Academic Libraries.

Center fo Digital Education's article "Turning a Page: Downsizing the Campus Book Collections".

IPEDS 2014 Data there are only 14 libraries that responded to their survey as all digital. If there are 4000 educational institutions that makes the percentage 3.5%


All Digital Libraries

Florida PolyTechnic; about the Digital Library
USA Today College article "A College Library without Books? Yep, It's a Thing".

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)  library. Search for a a book in their Catalog.

University of Central Florida College of Medicine Vision
UCF College of Medicine, not so digital. Books in Print.

University of Texas at Austin, moved books from a library to create a "Learning Commons" , but they are still buying books that are stored in other campus libraries.

BiblioTech in Bexar County, is a fully digital library.

Rightsizing the Academic Library Collection ebrary resources, also check the CM online Catalog.


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