Copyright at Central Maine Community College: Copyright at CMCC

Policies, procedures and useful guides for students, faculty and staff when using all forms of copyrighted information while at CMCC

Copyright at CMCC

It is the responsibility of all of us at CM to be sure that we are in compliance with Title 17 -- the Copyright Law. The Library's role is to help Faculty, Students and Staff understand both the ethical and legal use of information.

What is fair use, plagiarism, copyright infringement and Peer-2-Peer downloads and uploads?

If the information available here on this site does not answer your questions, or if you have additional questions, please come see us in the Library.

Links to Federal Copyright Laws

CMCC and MCCS Copyright and Computer Use Policies

The College and the System believe strongly in the ethical and legal use of Intellectual Property as well as the appropriate use of the College's computers and network. The policies below specify the manner of use and the penalities for non-compliance with regard to Copyright and the use of computers and the College network.

CMCC Copyright and Computer Use Policies (PDF)