Copyright at Central Maine Community College: Welcome

Policies, procedures and useful guides for students, faculty and staff when using all forms of copyrighted information while at CMCC

What's in this guide

Copyright SymbolCOPYRIGHT at CMCC contains the MCCS and CM's policies and procedures related to infringement of Copyright Law and links to Federal Copyright Law.

HEOA  contains CM's HEOA Compliance Plan; information on the federal and CM policies and penalties relating to illegal P2P downloads and the technology that the CM IT Department uses to inhibit illegal Peer-to-Peer downloads and uploads.

COPYRIGHT COMPLIANCE TOOLS contains applications that help students and faculty to judge if their copying falls under fair use guidelines.

STUDENT GUIDELINES contains information on what Copyright is; how to avoid plagiarism; and why it is necessary to cite one's sources.

FACULTY GUIDELINES contains llinks to information on how to comply with Copyright law; exemptions for instructors; and how to go about securing permission to reproduce a work that is covered under copyright.