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Learning Commons Tutors: Chris

Professor Chris Thoma

I recently retired from the US Army after serving 23 years. I love teaching and developing our future leaders in the Army and I knew I could continue to do this by teaching at a local college. I started working for CMCC in the fall 17 semester where I taught MAT 122 College Algebra and MAT 100 Intermediate Algebra. I enjoy teaching and seeing the students develop so I started tutoring as well.

Tutoring allows me to get to know more people at the college and have the small group setting that allows me to help develop our future leaders on a personal level. I have only been at CMCC a short time but I have found the environment very welcoming and the students eager to succeed. Their drive and determination is what will keep me here at CMCC for a long time. 

My favorite subject to tutor is MAT 135.


Tutors in the following courses:

MAT 030 Basic Math MAT 050 Algebra I
 MAT 100 Intermediate Algebra                              MAT 101 Business Math
MAT 102 Numbers and Logic MAT 105 Geometry and Trigonometry
MAT 122 College Algebra MAT 125 Finite Mathematics
MAT 132 Pre-Calculus MAT 135 Statistics
MAT 283 Calculus I

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