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Now You Know All About Fake News! But Wait... Is Fake News Still a Thing?

Even as many people were still becoming aware of (and concerned about) the topic of "fake news," some journalists, media analysts, and commentators were already declaring that the fake news phenomenon was over. On this page you'll find a few essays, articles, and audio clips that discuss the "end of fake news," and perhaps more importantly, what we can expect next as media consumers.

"The Rise and Fall of Fake News" (audio from the public radio program "On the Media")

An audio clip detailing the media's fascination with "fake news," and how the phenomenon might have already run its course.

"‘Fake News’ is Now a Tainted Term. It’s Time to Retire It."

"People Read News On Facebook But They Don’t Really Trust It, A Survey Found"

"Fake News Is About to Get Even Scarier than You Ever Dreamed"

"How the Federal Trade Commission Could (Maybe) Crack Down on Fake News"

"Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election"

"Stop Calling Everything 'Fake News'"