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OER: Open Educational Resources

A resource for CMCC faculty and staff who are interested in Open Educational Resources



ACC 208 Accounting Concepts

ACC 210 Accounting Principles I / ACC 212 Accounting Principles II

ACC 240 Intermediate Accounting I

ACC 242 Intermediate Accounting II

ACC 265 Managerial Accounting

Allied Health / Life Science/ Medical Assisting / Medical Coding / Physical Fitness Specialist

BIO 101 Introduction to General Biology

BIO 105 Essential of Human Anatomy and Physiology

BIO 115 Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO 117 Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO 131 Biology I / BIO 133 Biology II

BIO 211 Microbiology

BIO 222 Genetics

CHY 101 Introduction to Chemistry

CHY 111 Principles of Organic and Biological Chemistry

CHY 121 General Chemistry I / CHY 123 General Chemistry II

CHY 221 Organic Chemistry I / CHY 251 Organic Chemistry II

MEA 240 Essentials of Pharmacology for Medical Assistants 

Human Nutrition 

Physical Fitness

Business Administration and Management

Business Commons

BUS 100 Understanding Business

BUS 101 Small Business Management

BUS 110 Principles of Supervision

BUS 155 Leadership and Interpersonal Relations

BUS 122 Business Law

BUS 124 Legal Environment of Business

BUS 140 Introduction to Sports Management

BUS 215 Principles of Marketing

BUS 218 Human Resources Management

BUS 220 Managing People and Organizations

BUS 255 E-Commerce

BUS 260 Finance

Computer Technology / Network Security & Computer Forensics

CPT 130 Intro to Visual BASIC

CPT 166 Fundamentals of Structured Query Language

CPT 235 Introduction to Networking

CPT 245 Introduction to Java Programming

CPT 250 Programming in C

CPT 252 Web Development

CPT 256 Introduction to Game Level Design

Criminal Justice

CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ 122 Criminal Law and Report Writing I

CRJ 212 Criminal Investigation and Report Writing II

CRJ 292 Advanced Police Operations

CRJ General Information

Culinary Arts

CUA 100 Introduction to Culinary Arts

CUA 121 Food Preparation Sanitation

CUA 160 Contemporary Desserts

Early Childhood Education

EDU 101 Introduction to Education

PSY 114 Child Development


ELT 123 Electrical Controls I

ELT 221 Industrial Controls

Graphic Communications

GRC 102: Graphic Design 1


ART 110 Art History, Renaissance to Contemporary

ART 150 Approaches to Art

COM 100 Public Speaking

COM 101 Interpersonal Communication

COM 151 Mass Media and Popular Culture

ENG 101 College Writing

ENG 105 College Writing Seminar

ENG 112 American Literature I

ENG 201 Technical Writing

ESL 073 English Second Lang/Oral Language / ESL 105 English Second Language/Listening

FRE 101 Beginning French I / FRE 102 Beginning French II

MUS 101 Music Appreciation and History

PHI 111 Introduction to Ethics

PHI 151 Introduction to Western Philosophy / PHI 153 An Introduction to Eastern Philosophy

THE 101 Introduction to Theater

WST 101 Women's Studies

Human Services

HUS 112 Introduction to Community Mental Health

​HUS 153 Substance Abuse

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

PSY 201 Social Psychology

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

SSC 296 Special Topic: Native Americans: Soc Explor

Social Work


NUR General Nursing Resources

NUR 210 Pharmacology for Nurses

NUR 213 Nursing Across Life Span III

Social Sciences

ANT 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ECO 201 Macroeconomics

ECO 202 Introduction to Microeconomics

HIS 131 United States History to 1877 / HIS 132 United States History since 1877 / HIS 220 America and the Cold War

POS 150 Introduction to American Politics / POS 151 American State and Local Government

Study Skills

Math & Physical Sciences

AST 101 Introductory Astronomy

GEO 101 Introductory Geology

MAT 050 Algebra I

MAT 100 Intermediate Algebra

MAT 101 Business Mathematics 

MAT 102 Numbers and Logic

MAT 105 Geometry and Trigonometry

MAT 122 College Algebra

MAT 132 Pre-Calculus

MAT 135 Statistics

MAT 281 Calculus I

PHY 142 Physics I / PHY 242 Physics II

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