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Contains records on all subjects cataloged by OCLC member libraries. Citations link to full text licensed from e-publishers such as NetLibrary as well as to free electronic books available from educational, government and other websites. It also includes eTheses that are available online.

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OER = Open Educational Resources.  These items are free for anyone to use anytime.

Survey Question - search the catalog

Which of the following can not be found when searching the Minerva online catalog?
books: 1 votes (50%)
videos and sound recordings: 0 votes (0%)
journal articles: 1 votes (50%)
Total Votes: 2

Survey Question - keyword or subject

Which kind of search below will give you a greater number, but perhaps less accurate, results?
a keyword search on bullying: 1 votes (50%)
a subject search on bullying: 1 votes (50%)
Total Votes: 2