Education & Early Childhood Education

This is a guide to library resources focusing on education and early childhood education in the CMCC Library


Many of the books about education are located in the L section of the library.  Some areas to browse are:

  • LB 1025 - 1050 Teaching principles and practice
  • LB 1049 - 1050  Reading (general)
  • LB 1139.2 - 1139.5  Early childhood education
  • LB 1140 - 1140.5  Preschool education. Nursery schools
  • LB 1141 - 1489  Kindergarten
  • LB 1501 - 1547  Primary education
  • LB 3201 - 3325 School architecture and equipment, facilities
  • LC  Special aspects of education, social and moral aspects, forms & types of education

Search For Books

Keywords usually give more results, but also include miss-hits.  Subject searches generally give less, but more accurate, results.  Request books from other libraries using your CMCC ID (it has to be 'activated' at the library).  Allow for roughly 2-5 business days for delivery.

Search for items in the CMCC Learning Commons.


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