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Tutoring Services at the Learning Commons: Info & Scheduling

The Math & Science Center and The Writing Center

Note: Tutoring is not available during semester break (05/10/2022 - 05/22/2022).
Tutoring will resume at the start of summer semester (05/23/2022).

Math Tutoring - image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Science Tutoring - Chemistry image by AtomsTalk on Pixabay

Wtiring Tutoring - notebook image by chenspec on Pixabay


Schedule an appointment for virtual or in-person services, the scheduling links and buttons will launch your Microsoft Office 365.  Please allow 24 hours advance notice for Math & Science online appointments


The Learning Commons 
Jalbert Hall  J-1
(the end of the Hall of Flags)


Diane Hamel
Math Science Tutor Coordinator

John Blois
Writing Center Coordinator

Rachel King
BrightSpace Writing Center Tutor

Join the Math Science Team
We're Hiring Peer Tutors!

  • Have a B+ or higher in your Math/Science classes?
  • Do you like helping other students and making money while doing it?
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  • Contact Diane Hamel, the Math Science Center Coordinator.
About Tutoring in the Learning Commons

Tutoring is FREE and open to all CMCC students. We've helped many straight A students as well as students who are working hard for a better grade.  Schedule appointments and choose to meet either on line (via videoconference) or in person. Walk-ins are welcome, but scheduling in advance is a good idea, as tutors are often busy. 

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free resource for getting helpful feedback on any writing assignments.  Studies show that just one extra hour of revision will improve a grade on a paper by one full grade, from C to B for example. 

In Person: Face to Face, in person tutoring in the Learning Commons.  

You can drop in during operating hours and see if the tutor is available or make an appointment to reserve your time.

In Person Writing Center Hours (Physically IN the Learning Commons)
Summer 2022 (Tentative)

Wednesday - 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Thursday - 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Online: Virtual Face-to Face Writing Center (Live video conferencing)

Here you have on-line video help with your papers. Go to Get Writing Tutoring to make an appointment.  Click on the day you’d like and choose your time.  You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to join the session. 

Also, if the times that are available don’t work, e-mail Dennis directly with your preferred times and he will schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Summer 2022 

Tuesday - 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Wednesday - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Thursday: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

To receive immediate, face-to-face, real-time tutoring, via Microsoft Teams please follow these quick and simple steps:

  1. Make an appointment - "Get Writing Tutoring"  You must use your CMCC email
  2. Once you have made the appointment check your e-mail for the "Join Meeting" link.

Example: If you log in to the CMCC website at 6:30 on a Sunday and want to meet me at that exact same time, you still need to make an appointment. Just click the link, "Get Writing Tutoring" and schedule an appointment for 6:30. If no-one is already scheduled for that time, you will be granted that appointment and all you need to do is wait five seconds for the appointment link to arrive in your email. If someone already has that time slot for an appointment, make an appointment for the next available half-hour block at 7:00 or 7:30 that same evening.  You can also simply make an appointment one day, or one week, or one month ahead of time to ensure you reserve the time slot you want.

Submitting a paper through the On-Line Writing Center in Brightspace.

To access this resource, you must get the On-line Writing Center listed in your courses.  It’s simple.

    1. Go to the Discover tab at the top of your Brightspace homepage.
    2. Search for On-Line Writing Center
    3. Hit “enroll”.  (Now the On-Line Writing Center will always be available in your list of courses.)

Click on the On-Line Writing Center window and click on the "Assignments" tab.  in the Assignments list click on the assignment for the current semester (example: On-line Writing Center Submissions--Fall 2021).  After you submit your paper the tutors are notified that your paper has been uploaded and will generally respond within 24-48 hours with suggestions and comments.  Because many students submit their writing the last week of the term, no papers will be accepted within 3 days of your final assignment.

On-line W/C tutors:

Rachel King: & Ethel Bowden:

The Math & Science Center

Our tutoring center has helped numerous straight A students as well as students who are working hard to improve their grades. The Math & Science Center has professional and peer tutors; all of whom have earned a badge from Purdue University's Tutor Essentials Training.  Schedule an appointment and choose to meet either on line (via videoconference) or in person. You must use your CMCC email to schedule tutoring. In person walk-ins are welcome, but scheduling in advance is a good idea, as tutors are sometimes in high demand. Please schedule online Tutoring 24 hours in advance. Tutors may have other time that they are available; feel free to ask them. Questions? email Diane Hamel, Math Science Tutor Coordinator 

Cheri B

Cheri Bickford

Cheri's goal is to help students better understand their math coursework and she is excited to get to meet as many students as she can while tutoring.


Halene Mansir in front of Learning Commons Windows

Halene Mansir

Math & Science Center Tutor

I am a current CMCC faculty, teaching mathematics. I enjoy tutoring because it is rewarding to help someone and observe as that person comprehends and gains understanding.

Each smile lights up my day.


John Blois

John Blois

Writing Center Director

John is a long time faculty member at CMCC. He has helped countless students with their writing in the writing center and is looking forward to seeing students again this semester.  Some of the classes he's taught are College Writing, Comparative Religions, Communications, and other Humanities courses.  

Scott Bryant

Scott Bryant

Math & Science Center Tutor

I began my teaching part time while on active duty with the Army. I enjoyed it so much I have continued through my civilian career and into semi-retirement. I've recently begun tutoring as well, and find it particularly satisfying. The one-on-one relationship allows for a pace of instruction that can be tailored to an individual student rather than an entire class.


Dennis Camire

Writing Center Tutor

A graduate of UMaine Farmington(BA, English) and Wichita State University(MFA, Creative Writing) Dennis has been teaching all forms of writing for over twenty years: college writing, remedial writing, technical writing, business and professional writing, and creative writing. He believes that "good writing is mastering the art of rewriting."

Haji Daud in book stacks

Haji Daud

Math & Science Center Tutor

My name is Abdullahi Daud, but you can call me Haji. I was born and raised in Kenya, and graduated from Lewiston High School, and then CMCC where I played soccer. I am a student at the University of Maine at Augusta majoring in Biology. When I graduate in 2022 I'm going to study Dentistry.  I enjoy tutoring and meeting new people. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and I play for a local team.

Matt Grinder

Matt Grinder

Writing Center Tutor

Matt Grinder is a PhD Candidate at Union Institute and University where he studies literature and culture with an emphasis on Native American Literature. He is an English and Philosophy adjunct faculty member at CMCC. He is enjoying working with students on Fridays in the Writing Center.


Diane Hamel

Diane Hamel

Math & Science Center Director

At CMCC, I am the Director of the Math Science Center and I teach Business Math and Basic Math. I also work as an accountant.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and playing rec league volleyball.


Rachel King in front of Learning Commons windows

Rachel King

Writing Center Tutor

I graduated from UMA with a BA in English. Prior to UMA, I was a student here at CMCC and now I am back teaching and working in the Learning & Advising Center. Those students who come in scared to write and have no idea how to even get started are some of my favorite students because they leave with confidence and a good start on an otherwise overwhelming assignment.


Jason Libby

Jason Libby

Writing Center Tutor

Professional game designer with published credits in Doctor Who and Cyberpunk. Owns small publishing company.
Contractor for select Hollywood writers and producers (game and IP development). CMCC Humanities and Business (Esports) adjunct. Writing Center and TRIO writing tutor. MA Creative Non-Fiction Writing, BA English, minor in writing, Associates in Media Studies.  Sees CMCC students as extended family and is dedicated to the success of every student and the mission of the college. 


Jeff Morris at home

Jeff Morris

Math & Science Center Tutor

I have taught math from basic to AP Calculus for 28 years. I enjoy tutoring as I get to take into account the differences in learning styles and levels of proficiency of each student. There is no better sound for a teacher than when they hear a student say proudly “Oh, now I understand!”

I enjoy family, playing my guitar and writing songs, and hiking in the White Mountains.


Alessia Santilli

Alessia Santilli

Math & Science Center Tutor

Alessia Santilli is an instructor here at CMCC and she also tutors in the Math & Science Center.  Alessia loves tutoring and helping students. She teaches biology and anything that comes with it, such as microbiology, macrobiology and anatomy.


Max Smith-Taylor in book stacks

Max Smith-Taylor

Math & Science Center Tutor

I am a Computer Science student. And next year I will be hoping to transfer to four year university to follow that path line. I enjoy helping others with what I can, be it math, science, presentations or other subjects that I know I can at least advise people on. Outside of the classroom I enjoy reading, video games, and cooking as hobbies.


Michele Profile Pic

Michele Tanner

Math & Science Center Tutor

Michele graduated from UCSD with a BS in Biology and is currently taking classes at CMCC to refresh her knowledge and apply to medical school. In addition to running her own business as an IT consultant, she homeschools two teenagers and assists her husband with his business. She enjoys playing the piano, singing karaoke, raising chickens, and throwing a toy for the dog 500 times each day.


Sarai Wentzel CM photo

Sarai Wentzel

Math & Science Center Tutor

Sarai graduated from CMCC with a degree in Life Sciences and she has been back taking other classes.   Sarai is happy to be back to help students with their math, biology, and chemistry.


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