Human Services

This guide will provide the best places to begin your research for students gathering information related to the human services field.

Finding Articles

More search tips explained

ProQuest looks for your words (search terms) in all fields—(exept the full text) —of all documents in all selected databases.

When you enter more than one word, shale oil for example, ProQuest will look for documents that contain both shale and oil in any field, including any available abstract

Surround your words with quotation marks—“eternal love” or “life after death”—to force ProQuest to look for your words as a phrase only, rather than finding each word separately.

Information about what databases you are currently searching is displayed in the blue bar at the top of the ProQuest window. Here’s an example of how it looks: You are searching: 81 databases (See list | Change >>) Use the links to view the current list and select or deselect databases.

Select the Full text checkbox to find only documents that provide the complete full text, versus just a citation or abstract.

Select the Peer reviewed checkbox to limit your search to research that has been evaluated by people in the same field in order to maintain quality.

Move your cursor and pause over any of the subject area images to display a popup list of relevant databases. Click the Search link at the top of the subject area popup to go that subject area homepage and search relevant databases. Click a specific database name in the subject area popup to go to that database homepage and search only that database. 

Use the Image view or List view links to switch between the default visual display, and database list display.

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