COM 151 Mass Media and Popular Culture


Mass Media Collage - tv, internet, social media, radio, newspaper

Collage from Creative Commons images - Credits: 
Rock1997. (2011, June 28). [Internet1] [Photograph] Wikimedia Commons
RCA. (1939). [RCA Indian Head test pattern] [Illustration] Wikimedia Commons

Dallas Dispatch-Journal. (1938, October 31). [Welles-Radio-Studio-1938] [Photograph] Wikimedia Commons
ProjectManhattan. (2014, January 4). [Magazines for sale] [Photograph] Wikimedia Commons
Loozrboy. (2012, May 27). [Another control room] [Photograph] flickr.
IbrahimID. (2016, October 13). [Social media icon] [Illustration] Wikimedia Commons
Weir, J. (1969, July 21). [Land on the Moon 7 21 1969-repair] [Photograph] Wikimedia Commons