LER 100: First Year Seminar

This guide will give FYS students a brief overview to the services and resources at CMCC's Learning Commons

The Learning Commons (Library)

The Learning Commons at CMCC provides academic support services to students in a welcoming attractive space. The Learning Commons houses the Writing Center, Library Services, and the Math & Science Center in one convenient location. This technology rich space offers students the ability to collaborate, connect, learn, and share knowledge with their peers and teachers. At the Learning Commons' home page (http://guides.cmcc.edu/LearningCommons), you'll find links to all the resources you'll need to do your research for college as well as help pages, tutorials, services, links to sign up for tutoring, conference room reservation info, our policies, and our schedule of workshops.
The Math/Science Center provides free support tutoring services in all levels of math and science courses at CMCC.  Located in the Learning Commons right next to the Writing Center, the Math/Science Center is staffed by faculty and student tutors. Students are encouraged to make appointments, but drop-in service is also available. For more information, email MathScienceCenter@cmcc.edu
The Writing Center provides free writing assistance for all CMCC students. Students are encouraged to bring their writing assignments and drafts to the Writing Center for help with organization, revision, grammar, and MLA & APA documentation styles. For more information, contact the Writing Center