LER 100: First Year Seminar

This guide will give FYS students a brief overview to the services and resources at CMCC's Learning Commons

Help with searching databases

In college, you will hopefully make a habit out of using library resources instead of internet resources (Google, Wikipedia, etc.)  You might use books, eBooks, or one of the many databases available to you. To access the databases from off campus you simply go to the Learning Common's website, select the database, and login with your CMCC Student ID number.  Some of the more commonly used databases are found in Gale, EBSCOhost, Proquest, CQ Researcher, and Credo Reference where you'll find newspaper articles, journal articles, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, reports, and much more.

The following videos will get you started using college level resources.  The first video demonstrates search tips that are common to many article databases such as Proquest, Gale, and EBSCOhost. The CREDO Reference database video shows you a resource that provides articles from subject specific scholarly encyclopedias and dictionaries. The Proquest video demonstrates specific search and save techniques within the Proquest databases.  These videos, and more, are available from the Learning Commons homepage.