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Group Study in the Learning Commons


The Math & Science Center

On-Line Tutoring
Due to COVID-19, all Math/Science & Writing Center Tutoring is being conducted online until further notice.  Online tutoring is now available to all students in any class. Tutoring will resume after Spring break (March 30th)


Online Math & Science Tutoring using Zoom     
 Math & Science Tutoring is now online because of COVID-19 Schedule your Zoom videoconferencing tutoring in Appointment Plus

  • One-On-One tutoring. In Appointment Plus, pick your class and the time that works for you. Schedule your appointment. You will receive a web link in your CMCC email which connects you to your Zoom videoconference.   No special software is required for Zoom; just an internet connection.
  • Group Study. In Appointment Plus, select ADD  +  for the study group you would like to join. They are listed as events. Schedule your appointment.  

Online tutoring is available to any CMCC student. Online tutors may have other times that they are available feel free to contact them and ask. Questions or requests about tutoring and additional tutoring hours may be sent to Diane Hamel at

Summer 2020 tutor schedule



The Writing Center

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides help with all phases of the writing process such as; organization, revision, grammar, and MLA/APA documentation styles. All CMCC students can receive free tutoring from the Writing Center. There are two ways to get in touch with your on-line tutor.

First:  ZOOM Virtual Writing Center

(live video and audio conferencing) With Zoom tutoring, you have face-to-face help with your papers.  You must have a camera on your laptop of desktop to access zoom.  You can access the Zoom Writing Center two ways. First, you can schedule your ZOOM videoconference in Appointment Plus.  Your writing center tutor will then email you a link to connect to your ZOOM videoconference. Or, you can just click on the links below during those particular times.  Most likely your tutor can help you right away or will set up an appointment with you right then. Your tutor will instruct you how to upload your paper (from a file) once you have logged into the videoconference.
Email Dennis Camire if you have any questions or would like assistance logging on:

Sundays 6 pm – 9 pm 

Wednesday 6 pm - 9 pm 

Thursdays 6 pm – 9 pm 

Second: Online Writing Center (email)

Access to the Online Writing Center is through CMConnect.  If you wish to submit your paper for this purpose, please contact one of the following Online Writing Center faculty members who will add you to the Online Writing Center course, entitled WC 93 – Online Writing Center:


Faculty contacts:

Rachel King:  

Ethel Bowden:


Once you have been added as a student to the course, please follow these instructions:

  • Under My Courses click on WC 93 – Online Writing Center
  • Familiarize yourself with the tips and the review process
  • Follow the instructions under How to Submit your Essay
  • Download and complete the Request for Review form
  • Lastly, upload the form with your essay under Coursework

An Online Writing Center tutor typically responds via email within two (2) business days. Questions? email  or